Musky America Magazine

If you find yourself in need of “short-term” medical care for cuts, abrasions, hooks in the hand, and other Musky fishing maladies, this is a great option. Visit the website at Birchwood Family Medicine | Birchwood Direct Primary Care. Early Season Dark & Clear Water Tactics By Al Denninger © 2011 "Water Wolf," "Green Lightning," "Freshwater Barracuda," or just plan Musky; whatever you call him, his time has come. To say that the Musky is an important Wisconsin game fish would be a gross understatement. Entire economies of some towns in northern Wisconsin rest solidly on the thick back of the Musky. In these towns, the major industry most often is the resort business…a business that prospers with the catch of a large fish or declines with the imposition of poor fishery policy. This is the fish that has completely changed people’s lives. It has given fortune and glory to some, and to others, financial ruin or the loss of their happy home.