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little detail is. If this was a big fish, one that I wanted, I would fish that same spot at that time every time I was on that link. I have friends that accuse me of being obsessive compulsive about this because I have been known to go back to a specific spot at a specific time for a fish that I haven't seen for a few years. Once I am sure that the fish is big and worth my time, I found that this tactic has paid off for me too many times to not continue doing. Much of what I am talking about here depends on the fishermen paying attention to what is happening and being able to see fish in the water. Now I know many people have better vision than others. I have many clients that are colorblind and picking out follows can be more difficult for them. But I believe that most people will see more fish by simply focusing and paying attention. A number of years ago I received a call from a woman who wanted to book a guide date for herself and her future husband. As we talked, she told me that they had been fishing my area for a number of years but with very little success. She went on to say that not only did they not catch fish,but they were seeing very few. I asked her a few questions about what time of the year they came up and what lakes they fished. She told me that they always came up in June and I was surprised when she told me the lakes that they fished because they were excellent choices for that time of year. We booked a guide date