Musky America Magazine

manufacturer has a wide variety of rods in their product compliment that are not Musky rods. Most lure manufacturers design their lures to cross over the species boundary to bass and pike in order to sell profitable quantities of their lures. Even Suick has a down sized lure that is more suited to bass than to Musky. Indeed, when you consider that there are over 1 million bass fishermen, you get a pretty good picture of the limited market potential for Musky angling products and services. Take a look at the Spring fishing catalogs and you will not find a focus on the Musky angler with regard to lures. These catalogs enjoy a substantial distribution and would certainly include a focus on Musky lures if the profit incentive was there. You have to go to specialized print catalogs to find Musky lures and even those are very few in numbers. What I am trying to get at here is this. Musky fishing has always been a "cult" sport. We spend long hours on the water working hard to catch a fish that we do not usually keep. Our success rate is very low and the dollar investment per fish is high. Musky fishing is NOT for everyone and exaggerating the number of Musky anglers will not change that. Tight Lines