Musky America Magazine

assume that there are no list duplicates and assign a number of 20,000 Musky anglers for the two publications. Recognizing that that cannot be everyone, let’s say that there are another 10,000 Musky anglers that do not subscribe to either publication...that puts us at 30,000 Musky anglers. This number could be lets bump the number by another 5,000 just to pick up those groups of closet hard core Musky anglers...that brings us to 35,000...that is a far cry from 400,000 or 480,000. I guess that if you wanted to consider the guy who goes fishing for some other species of fish and catches a Musky by accident, that would artificially bump the total number up but that is "reaching". Certainly, one would ask how a Musky angler is being identified. Muskies, Inc. or the WDNR did not include any definition in their estimate. For my estimate, I used the following: An angler is considered a Musky angler when; • He has tackle, rods, reels, and lures that are specifically designed for Musky fishing. • He is a member of Muskies, Inc. • He subscribes to Musky Hunter Magazine. • He owns a net that could hold a 6 year old child. • He fishes exclusively for Musky at least 4 weeks of the Muskie season. I know this is not scientific, but then neither was the Muskies, Inc. or the WDNR estimates. A further consideration is the amount of fishing tackle designed by manufacturers specifically for Musky fishing. Most every rod