Musky America Magazine December Edition

For example; if you have a heavy weight rod with a "broom stick" backbone without a flexible rod tip and you are using a bait casting reel loaded with 40 pound micron line, you are not going to get much casting efficiency or control if you try to cast a ½ ounce bucktail. Conversely, if you have a light weight rod with a flexible rod tip and a reel loaded with 50 pound TUF line, you are going to have a problem trying to cast a 3½ ounce jerkbait. In the first instance the rod will not transfer your casting momentum and in the second instance the rod will ‘overload’ and negate casting momentum and lure placement control. You can begin to see that your tackle configuration is directly related to your casting and presentation success. As a visual example of rod loading, the seven pictures shown below will provide some perspective. (The pictures are courtesy of John Dettloff from his book Top Water Tactics and Tales.)