Musky America Magazine December Edition

Multi-Rod Approach For Musky By Craig Sandell © 2010 Why do Muskie anglers use more than one rod? There are many reasons but the main reason relates directly to the lures we use. If you have fished for Muskie for a couple of years, you have accumulated a few different lures…you undoubtedly have bucktails, crankbaits, jerkbaits and perhaps surface baits. Each of the lures come in different sizes and weights and each requires a different presentation technique. The difference in the lures dictates different rod, reel and line selections in order to accommodate the different demands upon lure presentations. This article will try to set some general guidelines for line, rod and reel selection for each of lure types. First, however, we need to discuss rod loading. What the heck is a rod loading? Rod loading refers to the transfer of the casting momentum from your arm to the rod and from the rod to the lure. The stiffness of the rod, the flexibility of the rod tip and the weight of the line and the lure will all have an effect upon the loading of the rod. A good match of rod weight, line weight and lure weight combined with a good casting technique, will result in the maximum transfer of casting momentum from your arm to the lure…resulting in good casting distance and lure placement control.