Musky America Magazine December Edition

have a photo of Tony and his many guide clients holding some very impressive Musky. When I commented on the "wall coverings", Tony casually said that there were about 100 more photos for which there was no space. Tony took me around the basement photo gallery stopping at almost every photo to share with me the particulars of the size and date of the catch and the name of the guide client. I was so impressed with his recall that I had to ask him how he could recall so many of these catches. Tony smiled and without hesitation took me over to a place where there were notebooks on a shelf. He took one down at random and opened it for my inspection. Those of you who have fished the Chippewa Flowage for at least 15 years remember the day when each resort had a Musky chart that had the date of the catch, the name of the angler, the size of the catch, the bait used and the prevailing weather. As I began to page through Tony’s records, I could see that Tony had detailed