Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

The smaller mesh also makes it tougher to untangle hooks and free the Musky from the lure. The Beckman Fin Saver has a dual mesh design. Overall the mesh is smaller but the bottom of the net is designed to flatten out with the weight of the fish. This allows the fish to sit comfortably in the net in a manner similar to that of a cradle. The net handle and frame combine to make a sturdy net, however, the weight of the net is a bit heavier than what most anglers are used to…especially when you are alone fighting a fish and doing the "Musky Dance" as you try to lead the fish to the net with your rod hand while maintaining the ability to strategically remove the net if the fish bolts Bottom line…both nets have drawbacks and selling points…I chose the Beckman and here is why: