Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

Keeping That Musky Boat Dry Craig Sandell©2019 Every new season we drag our boat out of storage and find out that things can go bad by just sitting there over the winter. Whether it is your batteries, your trolling motor or some of the little things, they all amount to a big pain in the butt when you are trying to get back on the water. Among the last thing that gets an opportunity to disappoint you is your bilge pump. You usually find out after the first good rain when you go down to the dock and find your boat looking like the shallow end of a swimming pool. I don’t know why a pump, that was perfectly good last season has lapsed into non-activity, but is happens. When it comes to bilge pumps, I subscribe to the philosophy that encourages us to keep it simple. In an effort to follow that philosophy, I chose the ‘Rule Fully Automatic Bilge Pump’. I have tried to do the bilge pump and separate water level sensor and it usually turns into a wiring ordeal requiring extra wire crimps.