Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

Each of these files are, with the proper application, capable of putting a good point on a hook, however, I would encourage all of you to consider using both files in order to quickly put that "pin sharp" point on your hooks. Use the double rounded file to hone the shape of your hook to a point. You may have to angle the file to the right and left as you pass it over the hook shaft and point. Once you have a good point on your hook using the double round file, take the single sided file and sculpt the hook to an extremely sharp pinpoint. How sharp should your hook be? The short answer is: as sharp as you can make it. There is a saying on the water that says: "your hooks should be so sharp that you draw blood just looking at them". That may be a bit overstated but it does make the point (excuse the pun). How often should you sharpen your hooks? Your hooks should get their first sharpening right out of the package. Remember that no "virgin" hook is sharp enough for the Muskie angler. After that, I would encourage you to check your hooks for sharpness before you start to work a spot. You should certainly, after a days fishing, check your hooks and refresh your hooks as needed. As Muskie anglers, we spend a lot of time preparing for the eventual Muskie encounter. Give your hooks their due and they will do for you what you require for a good hook set.