Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

The Vital Link Craig Sandell © 2010 The hooks on your lure represent one of the most vital links in the chain that is your Muskie tackle. Indeed, when Mr. Muskie strikes, your hooks are your most important link to a successful catch. Regardless of the weight of your line, the quality of your reel, the backbone of your rod or the sturdiness of your leader, if your hooks are dull and/or weak, you run the risk of a major Muskie disappointment. In this article, we will discuss some particulars of hook selection, maintenance and rigging. Today, the Muskie angler has a wide variety of treble hooks from which to choose. There are Ringed-round bend, Ringed-round bend (Extra Strong), Short shank variations, Longshank variations, Triple grip, weedless treble hooks....and the list goes on and on. We can gain some perspective regarding hooks if we consider the types of hooks installed on some of the "classic" Muskie lures. If you look at the old Surf-O-Reno, Cisco Topper, Pflueger Globe or Bonet, you will notice that, by today’s standards, the hooks are pretty anemic. Regardless of that, these lures are responsible for one heck of a lot of Muskie catches. This would lead one to believe