Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

Childish & Chicken By Craig Sandell © 2015 In response to folks wondering why he seems to be absent from the Musky Show Speaker circuit, Joe posted this on his Facebook page. I am sure that Joe actually believes the tripe that he posted but I believe that it is time for a REALITY CHECK. Show promoters have a difficult balance to maintain when it comes to budgeting for a show. There is the rental of the Expo Center and the overhead of personnel to staff the show…which includes security. Then there is the cost for advertising in print and on radio during the weeks before the show. Once that is set, then the cost per booth space can be established. If the cost is too high, the small vendors who are the innovators in the Musky Lure business are “frozen” out and the only thing you get is large retailers and inflated prices. After all that is set, then it is time to consider what speakers are likely to provide visitors to the show with meaningful tips that will help them be successful on the water. For my part, I would rather hear from working guides who fish on multiple bodies of water using a wide range of techniques and a variety of different lure presentations. If Joe Bucher and his buddies Jim Saric and Steve Heiting are not being asked to speak, it may be because folks are tired of the same old self promotional presentations that turn out to be more fluff than