Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

ANNUAL LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS Use the screwdriver included to remove the handle nut cover (A) and place one drop of oil on the center shaft. Use the wrench to remove the handle nut (B). Remove the handle and star wheel (C). Place one drop of oil onto the roller bearing inside the handle hub (D). NOTE: It may be necessary to remove the "C" clip in order to remove the handle. If you must remove the "C" clip, do so slowly and carefully to prevent the loss of the clip. Loosen the three thumb screws to remove the entire handle side assembly. Firmly pull the spool shaft (E) out and place one drop of oil on the shorter side of the spool shaft. When reinstalling the spool shaft, push the shaft into the side plate until you hear it click. Place one drop of oil on each spool bearing (F) located inside the end of the spool; on the side opposite the handle, you must remove the spool pinion (G) to access the bearing. While the spool is out, place a small amount of grease on the cog gear (H) and on the smaller gear of the spool pinion (G). Place one or two drops of oil on the worm gear (I). When reassembling your reel, it is important that the brake blocks (J) are pushed toward the center of the spool.