Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

Tools For Survival Craig Sandell © 2019 Every Muskie angler has tools that he brings with him. Having the right tools when you are out on the water is just as important as having the right tackle. Tools come in two categories, the tools for the boat and the tools for the Muskie you catch. Some tools fall into both categories. Boat Tools Remember that when you are on the water, you are essentially alone. For that reason, your tool selection should provide you with some measure of self-reliance. The tools pictured here are what I consider to be the bare minimum. These tools are channel lock pliers, long nose pliers, regular pliers and a screwdriver/wrench set. Why do you need these tools? Sometimes mechanical things have a bad habit of coming loose when they are subjected to continuous vibrations like those from an outboard motor. You may find yourself changing a shear pin or removing a cotter pin or tightening trolling motor mounts or adjusting depth finder transducers. All of these things have happened to others while on the water and they will, eventually, happen to you too. Be prepared by having some tools to help you make some on-the-spot repairs until you can get to shore.