Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

Keep That Abu Garcia Reel Working By Craig Sandell © 2010 General Maintenance As with any piece of precision equipment, your Abu Garcia reels require routine maintenance to keep them working at peak performance. Note: The tips in this article are applicable to any bait casting reel. The following tips will extend the useable life of your reels and prevent fishing disappointments. Keep the outside of your reel clean. Never lay your rod and reel on the ground. Wipe down your reels after every fishing trip. Keep the worm gear clean and lubricated. Lubricate the handle knobs regularly. If the reel doesn't sound or feel right, don't use it until you get it checked out. Don't store your reel in a wet or damp environment. Before storage, be sure to clean and lubricate your reels, then store your reels in a dry place.