Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

Fighting The Fish If you were accomplished and lucky enough to tie into a Musky back then, the whole experience demanded your complete attention, as you can see from the photo below. The hook set demanded the use of both hands; one holding the reel handle and the other keeping a firm thumb on the spool and grasp upon the rod. Just think about that for a second…today we just reef back on the rod to set the hook and pay no attention to the reel…Musky fishing has gotten much easier. Once the fish was on, you had to have your thumb on the spool at all times and a firm grip upon the reel handle. If you think about how you fight a musky using today’s tackle, you realize that your attention is not focused upon the reel at all…Sure, it is a tool that is part of the process but your attention is not consumed by it. A New Respect When I took this look back at how Musky were caught using the old style tackle, I gained a new respect for the anglers of the past. These anglers set out on big water in small boats that were