Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

store or Radio Shack will usually have what you need. I would NOT recommend that you try a hair dryer. It doesn't get hot enough to completely shrink the tubing. Install the hook, tubing and split ring assembly onto the lure you plan to modify. Once installed, you will have to coax the heat shrink tubing up from the treble hook shaft and over the split ring and on to the 'through wire' or screw eye of the lure you are modifying. Once that is done, simply use your heat gun on the heat shrink tubing to shrink it snugly over the entire assembly as shown on the Tally Wacker.CAUTION: If you are doing this on a lure dressed with hair or feathers, make sure that the dressing is NOT directly in the flow of the hot air from the heat gun. This will work for any lure where there is a trailing hook except on tail wagging surface lures like the Hawg Wobbler. Try it on your Bucktails, spinner baits and almost any of your surface lures. If you don't like it, simply cut the heat shrink tubing off.