Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

leader on the spot that is exactly what you want to meet a specific angling situation. Leader Board You use a leader board to make it easy for you to make leaders that are consistent in size and configuration, but it is not necessary. Leader boards are very simple to make. You need only have a length of 2 x 4, four 2½ 8 penny nails, three 1 inch finishing nails, a hammer and a compound bolt cutter. The leader board that we will make can be used to make a leader that is 7 inches, 9 inches or 11 inches. The length of 2 x 4 that you will need will be 31 inches. You don't have to have a leader board to make a leader; the board just makes it a little easier. Take an 8 penny nail and hammer it into the 2 x 4 approximately 2 inches from one end of the 2 x 4 so that about 2 inches of the nail remains above the board. Measure 7 inches from that nail and hammer in another 8 penny nail in line with the other. Using your compound bolt cutter, remove the head of the nails that you have just hammered into