Musky America Magazine April2023 Edition

What Do You Do With All This Stuff! By: Craig Sandell In Collaboration With Mark Nurczyk © 2021 If you have been Musky fishing for a few years, you are likely to have an arsenal of lures similar to those pictured at the left. Having lots of lures, presents the Musky angler with a dilemma…“How do I get all these lures in the boat and still have room to fight a reluctant Musky”? Simple…you don’t! There is no way you are going to use more than a few lures for any Musky outing. However, limited lure inventory also means limited lure choice options. Musky anglers are typically inventive, and Mark Nurczyk is no exception. After reading one of our articles about lure storage boat options, Mark came up with a very unique approach to getting more lure choices in the boat. Like many of you, Mark has a Plano 7915 and like many of you, his tackle box was stuffed with lures. Doubtless, this box configuration leaves a lot to be desired regarding accessibility. There is no place in the box for all the little bits and pieces of equipment that we use when we are on the water. Many of you have additional boxes that contain: