Musky America Magazine

equipped with a live well, simply remove hooks from the Musky’s jaw while keeping the fish and the net in the water. Then place your hand along the gill plate, removing the fish from the net and placing it in the live well (pre-filled of course). This will give the fish time to regain its strength and allow you/or your fishing partner time to ready the camera. When all is set, hold the fish up supporting its weight with your other hand while your partner snaps a couple of quick pictures. Now, put the Musky back into the lake while holding the fish just above the tail. With a gentle back and forth a motion, the fish will soon pull away from you ready to fight again another day. You will have pictures of your prize and a special feeling that comes only with seeing this great fish swim away, hopefully to spawn again next spring. The key here is to never a keep a fish you plan on releasing out of the water any longer than you can hold your breath underwater! If your boat does not have a live well, simply keep the fish in the net alongside the boat. On bigger fish, this can get a little hairy, but it’s better than having a trophy that you intend to release flopping on the floor of your boat. Tight Lines