Musky America Magazine

and then reached into the bag and brought the Musky into the boat. I laid the Musky on the wooden ruler and measured it at 43 inches. I snapped a picture or two and then returned the fish to the water for a release. The water was a bit warm and the fight was a bit longer than I wanted it to be, so the Musky needed some TLC while he recovered from the encounter. After a few minutes of keeping the fish upright in the water and moving it to flush water over its gills, the fish began to revive. I bid the Musky thanks for the opportunity, and as I squeezed on his tail, he moved off into the night. By the time I got back to Indian Trail Resort, it was almost 2 am. As I tied my boat up to the dock, I noticed that the overcast that had urged me onto the water had given way to clear skies once again. It was almost as if the overcast was meant just for me. Tight Lines