Musky America Magazine

the year thinking it's too early. However topwater lures can be deadly on shallow water early season Musky. Noisy propeller lures seem to produce best under these conditions. Erratic retrieves usually produce more strikes too, so don't just drag that lure in. Give it a little action by twitching it or using a stop-and-go retrieve. Work all baits very close to shallow water cover. Often you will find Musky lying right up against shoreline cattails in a foot of water. Strikes here can be quite spectacular. As water temperatures hit the mid to upper 60's start looking for Musky to move entirely away from bays. Systematically work areas with cover just outside the mouth of these bays first. Then move out to adjacent main lake structures where Musky are found. Lure speed can be increased as the water warms, too. Bucktails really begin to produce well, but don't overlook other lures. ADD SOME FLASH Darker colors, like black, brown, copper, and gold are always good flowage choices, but bright colored lures with a lot of flash can be ever more productive. This holds true for both shallow and deeper water Musky. My best lure colors early have always contained copper or gold sides. Bucktail blades in copper, brass, or gold fit the same mold. But stained water that blooms with algae by late spring-early summer will often provide more action on fluorescent patterns containing chartreuse or orange.