Musky America Magazine

EARLY SEASON FLOWAGE SECRETS John Myhre © 2010 Flowages are often the most productive waters to fish in the early season. Most flowages have stained water and a shallower average depth than most natural lakes. This, plus the fact that even the largest flowages are often broken up into a series of smaller lakes and back bays, means that water temperatures will often be much warmer than surrounding natural lakes in early season. These warmer temperatures provide better weed growth, more available forage, and generally a higher percentage of active Musky. EARLY SEASON HOTSPOTS Many fishermen naturally assume that the place to find Musky in the early part of the season is near spawning areas. But not all active fish will necessarily be in the shallows. Much depends on the individual spring and when you are fishing. Shallow, dark, hard bottom bays (like area A or B on figure 1) not only provide an ideal spawning habitat, but also warm much faster. Find bays like these and you will at least have a starting point.