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"YOU'VE GOT TO...FISH IT CLEAN" Especially in dark water situations… putting a lure in an active Musky's strike zone may take more than a few casts JOHN DETTLOFF © 2006 It was the spring of 1923, when veteran Musky man Jack Trombly and a young Louie Spray made an observation that was to forever change the way in which they Musky fished. From that day forward, both men began to make a conscious effort to stick with a likely spot in other words, "to fish it clean" - rather than always being in a hurry to get to the next spot. Recalling that spring day more than 74 years ago, Spray wrote: "While Trombly and I were walking the tracks, heading for Black Lake, we stopped on the railroad bridge which crossed the Chippewa River at the outlet of Blaisdell Lake, Wisconsin. There was a fellow casting from the north shore of the river, about 100 feet above the bridge. The sun was shining just right and we saw two nice muskies lying just below a very large rock that stuck two or three feet out of the water. "We told the guy fishing about it, but he mistrusted us and paid no attention. I finally ran over to him and asked to use his rod while he went and looked for himself. He took one look and lost