Musky America Magazine December Edition

September and October have higher catch totals than the other months for the jerk baits. Once again, this could be related to the fact that not as many people fish jerk baits as other lure types. Personally, I didn't get confidence in the use of the jerk bait until relatively recently. Once I started using the jerk bait, I found that it produced Musky and was useable in almost any condition of weather and structure. The live bait catch information is not a surprise either. Late in the season is live bait time, however, many people swear by the technique of hanging a sucker over the side, while casting other lure types, throughout the Musky season or what is referred to as "Suckering Musky". Well, are bucktails and surface baits the most productive lures? The catch statistics would appear to tell us that, however, we need to be sure that we are not "shortchanging" other lure types. What is the best approach to lure selection? When I fish I have 3 rods set up with different line weights, different reels with different retrieve ratios and different lure types. I try to balance the use of each of the artificial lure types, depending, of course, on the condition and depth of the water and the prevailing weather.